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The Solid Collection
Red Oak – Unfinished
Maple Appalachian Maple American Cherry White Oak
Gritstone Stain Sandstone Stain    
Thickness 3/4” Widths Standard – 1 1/2”, 2 1/4’, 3 ¼”, 4”, and 5”
Lengths Clear: Random 11” – 7’ (3’ ¼” Avg.)
Select and Better: Random 11” – 6’ (3’ ¼” Avg.)
Second Grade: Random 11” – 4’ (2 1/2’ Avg.)
Rustic Grade: Random 11” – 4’ (2’ Avg.)
Hardness 1290 Janka
Construction T & G and End Matched Finish Available Unfinished
Warranty Residential Grade – 25 Year Note: Conservation Grade has no warranty Applications Residential
Nail Down or Staple Down Certification FSC Certified - SGS-COC-004045
FSC Certified
North American Grown, Harvested and Milled
MR 7 - Certified Sustainably Harvested Wood
Grades Clear
Predominately heartwood with virtually no defects. The most uniform colour.

Select & Better
Slight variation in colouring from medium brown to light beige. Almost Clear Includes: Some minor defects such as sound knots, mineral streaks and sound sapwood.

  Second Grade
Mixture of Select & Better and Rustic grades. Light and dark colouring. Includes: sound knots, checks, flags, and honeycomb.

Rustic Grade
All variations in natural wood colouring. Will contain red and white oak. Includes: Unsound Knots, Checks need to be filled, Honeycomb and imperfections.
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